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who art thou?

CHRISTOPHER CHEN  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photographed by Jacob Chan

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Photographed by Jacob Chan



Kia Ora! Welcome to my interesting world!

That's from a really good film called 'Boy' made in New Zealand, just like me! You're probably wondering, who's this funny looking chap with all this cool work and these interesting ideas? (if that at all crossed your mind, thank you!) My name is Christopher and I grew up in a little country with a population just over 4 million, a bit small aye?  Nonetheless it's a beautiful place and I've been fortunate enough to be brought up in it.

Now I'm living in Australia and currently studying Industrial Design in my third year as an undergraduate at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, I love every moment of it.

So, where did it all begin? For as long as I can remember I've been making things, from folding origami cranes to being allowed to use adult sized hammer and nails in kindergarten. Around the time I was 9 years old I got to use a camera for the first time, lent to me by my primary school teacher. A Canon with a whopping 3.2 megapixels and it was a life changing experience. I remember taking every opportunity I had to use the camera and spend lunchtimes photographing the school and various other school activities, since then I have never gone anywhere without a camera, an interest that has grown into what I know will be a life long passion.

TrueAperture, where did that come from? Since I started in primary school I basically never stopped photographing events at school. For my secondary education I was privileged enough to attend King's College in Auckland, New Zealand. Another life changing milestone for which I owe many people a great debt of gratitude, most importantly my family for the sacrifices they made. Year in year out I would continue photographing events whether I was asked to or not. Around 2013 in my second to last year of school, I started TrueAperture Photography as a page on Facebook so I could stop posting images on my personal account. The aim of it was simple and to this day has remained the same on the page "dedicated to making memories last forever" that might sound terribly cheesy but I believed that the time I spent at the college was special even if others didn't think so, and the photographs will remain available to my peers always. Eventually I would begin doing work outside of this and as it grew my passion became my job as I continued though my studies.

Industrial Design, where does that come into the picture? Well as previously mentioned that 5 year old wielding a hammer and some 2x4 would eventually find his calling in a creativity filled life. The milestone I'd reach during my time at King's College would be given the opportunity to excel in all domains of the creative arts. In my final year I studied Design Technology, Graphic Design and Photography. Being taught and mentored by some of the most influential people who have all guided me into the life of creativity that I know and love. Product and Industrial Design eventually became the subject of my focus as I came to realise its importance and use in the world around us. The stages of design embodies all of my greatest passions, from creating ideas to designing, drawing, digital work, building, photographing and finally showing it to the world. Thus I eventually dropped the photography in the company name and changed it into what is now TrueAperture Studios. Built from my ideals of creative work for the good of people.

Products or Services my aim is to create change for the better, whatever the impact big or small to know that something which has come from me doing what I love is a fulfilling life.

Design is all around us, and everything is design.
Christopher Chen