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Competition from online stores and services have challenged the purpose of conventional retail spaces. It is becoming increasingly important for stores to create meaningful user experiences, particularly for niche, independent or small businesses.

The Atmos research framework showcases how collaborative input between a retailer, its customers and industrial design can be of benefit. Atmos demonstrates a process that leads to the discovery and creation of elegantly simple, affordable digital solutions that can be implemented into the practical retail space.

The Atmos Orb is the design outcome of a thorough investigation using this framework, collaboratively designed with the local Melbourne retailer FilmNeverDie and its customers - a community of film photographers that sell and develop film in the heart of Melbourne.
The Atmos Orb is an augmented reality enabled projective device, it is the refinement of an interactive intervention that engages human senses within a spatial environment, demonstrating the amalgamation of atmospheric and technological experiences. It allows customers to interact with existing products and project information beyond the tangible object. 


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Atmos is a project submitted for the requirements of Industrial Design Honours. Read about this design research practice from the exposition document on the left.

Project Details

This project was completed at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. In partnership with FilmNeverDie.


A project by:
Christopher Chen

October 2018