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Connect One



a new level of connectedness

In a time where technology has become the centre of our lives, the number of digital devices we connect with on a daily basis has grown immensely. With this increase comes the higher demand for a few key elements, storage and energy. The vision for Connect One was simple. A portable device built for power users, content creators and those who require the need to dramatically decrease the number of external devices and chargers in their day to day activities.



Digital Fabrication

Assembled and designed from various methods of digital fabrication including laser cutting and 3D prints. The prototype is a physical representation of a functioning design. The device can automatically turn on when plugged in to any external device or power source. The device features USB ports, audio I/O, indication light, solar panel for on the go recharge and an OLED touch display panel. The device is designed to be multi-faceted and has no designated orientation.

Project Details

Printed, cut and assembled at the Digital Fabrication Lab in Wellington, New Zealand.

a project by:
Christopher Chen

October 2015