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Looped is a social campaign strategy designed to facilitate awareness around the subject of e-waste recycling, in particular household appliances. Conducted as a two part research and implementation project for the City of Melbourne.



A Local Study

Fact finding, research and an observational study was undertaken to understand the issues surrounding the current recycling process, of which their are many.

The Campaign

Following the research was a trial run for a service design solution, known as the 'wavebye' campaign. A way in which the locals of Melbourne could easily subscribe to and follow announcements, news and how to properly dispose of their e-waste, along with being able to learn something new about the topic itself.

The Solutions

The proposed solution to accompany the campaign would be the implementation of a 'recycle rating' on electrical products that would sit parallel to the existing energy rating system that has already been in practice for decades. The solution would provide consumers the most simple but useful information they require when considering the purchase of a new appliance.


A project by:
Christopher Chen
Isabelle Moustra
Myles Harrison
Vincent Madafferi

October 2016

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